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An Innovative Ground Storage

Solar energy is a very important source for the future development and has a very high potential. The main problems connected to its utilization are its low intensity and availability. Utilization of solar energy in the building sector is very interesting cause the main energy needs are for heating and cooling.

By using low temperature heating system and high temperature cooling system the quality of the energy needed from the building can match the one that can be given by using solar energy. Then, the main issue is to manage to make the energy coming from the solar available when is needed. In order to make it possible, storage system are necessary.

This studys aim is to make a study of a ground heat storage. The study consists in the development of a con guration for a ground heat storage, its modeling, and then the implementation of a computer program for the calculation of the performances of the system. For the modeling, has been important mainly the frequency domain approach that has permitted the implementation of fast programs.

Two programs will be presented. The first one very fast, permits a rough analysis of the configuration and a first estimation of the system behavior; the second one, that is slower, permits to go more in detail, gives the possibility to change a lot of parameters that can have a big in uence on the system performances.

In this second program a lot of interest has been given to methods for the solution of large nonlinear system with the General minimal residual method. For the implementation of the programs and of the finite element simulation have been used Comsol Multiphisics and Comsol Script. The results obtained are interesting and they encourage the development of the tool and future investigation on this kind of system.
Source: KTH
Author: Lazzarotto, Alberto

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