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Public Rental Housing Development in China

In recent years, along with the soaring housing price level, housing problem in China turned out to be in the spotlight more than ever before. With the high housing price, low and moderate-income families find it very difficult for them to buy their own dwelling.

In order to meet the needs of low and moderate-income families and lessen the overheating, Chinese government carried out some plans, one among which was the Public Rental Housing program. Public Rental Housings mostly serve for low and moderate-income family to live, with a lower rent than market rent on the same condition.

And there are other limits or drawbacks such as monitoring and housing register problem. Details of the limits differ from city to city. In this thesis, public renal housing project in Chong Qing, the first city implemented public rental housing to a great extent in China will be studied. Market analysis on both demand side and supply side is carried out to examine the influence on residential market and whether public rental housing can ease the overheating in residential market.

A questionnaire is used to study public acknowledgement and satisfaction with public rental housing projects in Beijing (for convenience). The finding is: current public rental housing can ease the market but this policy requires better financing resource, subsidy policy to backup, monitor system and more involvement of society resources.
Source: KTH
Author: Li, xi

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