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Analysis and Performance Measurement of Construction Logistics

The construction industry is a business with an intense flow of both material and information that require well-functioning logistics in order to not suffer from unnecessarily high costs.

Suppliers play a big part regarding the costs of the distribution and handling of material and due to this a construction project’s costs are affected a great deal by the suppliers’ actions. Spinnrocken is a construction project in the town center of Norrköping.

The real estate company Fastighets AB L E Lundbergs is the client and the construction company Skanska is contracted as sole constructor for the project. Spinnrocken is planned to be finalized in the summer of 2014 and consists of several rental-apartments and some smaller businesses.

Spinnrocken and its central location result in major logistic challenges, because of this Lundbergs and Skanska want to analyze and evaluate the project’s logistic performance. The main purpose of this thesis is to measure the order fulfillment of interior materials, the scaffold material Doka and windows at Spinnrocken by using the so-called perfect order fulfillment measure, as defined in Supply Chain Operations Reference Model.

Perfect order fulfillment indicates the delivery performance to the construction site.The combined perfect order fulfillment for the three investigated materials is 18 %. A perfect order fulfillment of 18 % means that only one out of five inspected deliveries to Spinnrocken was considered having no faults at all.

The effects of a low perfect order fulfillment are disruptions in the short-term time schedule, delayed operations, additional work and that the work space at the construction site is occupied by unnecessary construction material. The resulting effects thereby affects the project’s economy negatively.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Lohm Isberg, Maximilian | Olsson, David

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