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Intellectual Property Protection in Innovation Projects

Intellectual products, scientific knowledge, information, professional, scientific, spiritual and cultural potential of the society today are the driving force behind economic growth, determine the competitiveness of production. This sets a strengthening of the role of intellectual property.

The crucial role of intellectual assets in the global economy growth determined the choice of innovative strategy by Ukraine in the 21st century.

The important part of that strategy is the development of the national legal framework that includes adoption of the national laws and accession to international agreements that become part of the national legislation.

The solution of the problem of forming an effective system of protection of intellectual property is a prerequisite for building a strong background for an innovative model of Ukraine’s development, its modernization, and the raising of its competitiveness in a global social-economic system, and consequently – creating jobs in new industries that could shape a 21st century global economy – an economy based on knowledge.

The following thesis is a qualitative study about intellectual property protection and intended for Ukrainian companies and for students as information paper because there is differences between the old system in former Soviet and the European/US systems that has to be understood and business in Ukraine as well as researchers/inventors has to adjust to this different situations in order for companies to exploit the full potential of their innovations, part of this is by IP protection.
Source: KTH
Author: Marisova, Iana

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