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Optimal Design and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Traditional design procedures for wastewater treatment systems attempt to minimize total capital cost by considering steady state concepts for unit processes and design guidelines.

Recent work has minimized capital as well as operation and maintenance costs using a single objective function and steady state models which are flawed because plant inputs vary as much as seven fold during a 24-hour period.

Previous work using dynamic models for optimal design does not simultaneously consider both fixed and variable costs in a single objective function.

The objective of this dissertation was to develop a computer-based methodology which considers the dynamic interactions of unit processes and includes capital, operations and maintenance costs in a single objective function.

This methodology can aid designers by selecting optimal design and operating parameters for the unit processes in order to produce the minimum, total discounted costs, while satisfying all design and operational constraints.
Source: UCLA Engineering
Author: Prasanta K. Bhunia | Michael K. Stenstrom

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Characterization of Sewage and Design of Sewage Treatment Plant

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