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Building a Competitive Positioning Strategy for Swedish Companies in the Ukrainian Market of Energy Saving Technologies

The purpose of this thesis work is analysis of heat pump market in Ukraine. This market is almost not developed in our country, but we can say that it has a great potential. That is because for our company it is a new and innovative direction of energy saving technologies.

In Ukraine, for heating of buildings are used gas and diesel boiler. Heating equipment of buildings are old and very energy-intensive. There are hundreds of cubic meters of gas spent for heating buildings. Instead, heat pumps allow generating energy from environmental sources such as soil, water, air.

In addition, the technology of heat pumps is ecologically clean. It does not pollute the environment. International practice of heat pumps usage is very wide. Almost all of Europe, the USA, Canada, use this equipment. Heat pumps production in these countries is high. Foreign companies almost completely captured the market of this industry in Ukraine. This market is underdeveloped at this point.

Heat pumps are set almost exclusively in new private buildings. As the price of this equipment is more expensive than a simple gas boiler, so such equipment sets people with high incomes. In developed countries heat pumps in different functional direction use in amount of millions or hundreds of thousands but in Ukraine there are some individual settings that were created, mainly in the element base of refrigeration equipment, imported from Western Europe from specialized producers.

Striking gap between Ukraine and the countries that are successfully using heat pump technology can be explained by objective factors – energy development in our country carried out mainly by way of district heating. And there are some subjective factors. There are insufficient attention specific companies and individual persons to save fuel and energy resources.

The main causes of concern are the absence of a demonstration place of operating heat pumps of different functions and promotion their benefits. And also there are lack of government support in developing, researching and implementing this type of equipment. So we can conclude that the entrance foreign companies on the Ukrainian market are aimed in perspective.
Source: KTH
Author: Gula, Elena

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