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Design of a Shopping Mall

Storefronts shall be designed, fabricated and installed by the Tenant at the Tenant’s sole expense.

a. Center Design Philosophy
The design and materials of the base building renovation for Christiana Mall will create a warm modern environment. Wood-like materials, fabrics and indirect lighting will filter the direct sunlight during the day and provide surfaces to light in the evening.

The overall appearance will be clean and contemporary.
i. Materials
Tenants are encouraged to use materials and methods in the design of their storefront that enhance  the overall design intent of the renovation. A wide variety of materials are acceptable, however they must be executed in a clean and contemporary style. Please see the specific Architectural Design Criteria Section(s) that pertains to your location within the center.

ii. Aesthetics
While the design concept is consistent throughout each retail criteria zone, height and minor detail conditions vary. Refer to the Lower Level Plan and Details in this Criteria Manual for information on locations of zones and the distinct conditions that apply. In all cases, the store façade, interior design and general construction shall reinforce the mall’s design ideals, and be comparable in quality with the shopping center overall.
Source: GGP

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