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The Contractors Choice of Material for Sewer

This report is performed in collaboration with NCC Construction Sverige AB and treats sewers from the contractors’ point of view. The report investigates in an overall way how the work with sewers works in a contract company and which factors that speak for the different pipe materials, plastics and concrete from an overall economic perspective.

Today both tubes and wells made of plastic as well as concrete are used and marketed. The report describes which factors that influence the choice of pipe system, plastics or concrete. The plastic materials that the report treats are polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polypropylene (PP).

The studies for the work have been performed in four parts. The first part comprises literature studies of materials from researchers, sector organizations and companies. The other part comprises interviews and the third part site visits. Those persons who have been interviewed are active within the civil engineering construction division at NCC Construction Sverige AB in Jönköping and have occupations as calculator, purchaser, place manager, overseer and construction worker.

The site visits are carried out at three workplaces nearby Jönköping, the house exploitation area Samset, the industry establishment of food industry and the street and water/sewer pipe project at the industrial area of Torsvik. The fourth part is a calculation that shows the overall economic for disposition of different dimensions of plastic – and concrete tubes.

The result of the studies shows that work with sewers is a complex reality. The work is influenced by a large number of factors, for example; weather, the properties of the soil materials, the purchasing economic frames and the properties of tubes- and well material. A workplace that one day has normal productivity is the next day in risk of considerably lower productivity because of unfavorable weathers in co-operation with the geotechnical properties of the soil.

When it comes to material choice for tubes and wells the study shows that there is a number of situations where either plastics or concrete can be recommended. The conclusions of which material that is best suitable are based on the purchase cost, the work cost and the production technical advantages, i.e. an overall economic perspective.
Source: Jönköping University
Author: Olsson, Axel | Sjölander, Rickard

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