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Non-proprietary Web Mapping Solutions for Use in Corporations: a WSP Case Study

The development of web mapping industry is so fast that hundreds of web mapping software products are being created each year. These products are usually parts of three solution categories: a) proprietary solutions, b) Open source solutions, or c) Web 2.0 mashup solutions.

Due to the solutions’ maturity, rich functionalities and great external support, most enterprises use proprietary products to build their web mapping applications. Seldom are the latter two, named as non-proprietary solutions in this study, ever used in corporations. This study explores the suitability of non-proprietary web mapping solutions for WSP Sweden.

Two prototype applications are developed using one Open source web mapping solution and one Web 2.0 mashup solution. Both applications attempt to accomplish similar tasks as an existing application, Stockholmshem tree inventory project, to demonstrate the functional potential of each solution.

The implementation process will help to further access both prototype solutions on the basis of: a) how well they satisfy WSP’s list of demands; b) their implementation difficulty; and c) their response performances. The results indicate that both categories of non-proprietary solutions can satisfy the most important demands of WSP’s basic web mapping application.

While Open source solutions are more suitable for meeting advanced demands, mashup solutions can help to quickly establish a simple application. The combinational use of both solutions is a promising alternative to the predominant ArcIMS-based proprietary solution used at WSP.
Source: University of Gävle
Author: Jiang, Tian

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